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Erectile Dysfunction or Normal Aging?

Erectile Dysfunction or Normal Aging?

When erectile dysfunction (ED) hits, the effect on your confidence is often immediate and deep, and it can even perpetuate your ED issues. Defined as difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, ED has a wide range of causes, and it’s not only older men who suffer from it.

Nearly 30 million American men have ED issues, though not everyone knows about the wide range of treatment options. The Wellness Restoration Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York, specializes in ED treatment — from diagnosing the reasons for your issues to finding the answers that restore your vitality. 

While erectile problems often tend to occur as a symptom of aging, you no longer need to simply accept erectile dysfunction as an unavoidable fact of life. Look to Dr. Marcia A. Harris and her team for your route back to better sexual health. 

The erection process

In men, sexual arousal involves both mental and physical responses. Blood flow to your genitals increases, engorging the spongy tissue inside your penis, causing a physical reaction behind an erection.

A normal, healthy erection is firm enough for penetrative sex and lasts as long as necessary to complete a sexual encounter. Occasional problems maintaining an erection can be normal, such as when caused by temporary conditions like stress or mental distraction. 

When the inability to achieve a satisfactory erection becomes frequent, you may be diagnosed with ED. 

As you get older

Testosterone production declines with age in all men. For some, there’s a link between low levels of this hormone, which is responsible for male sexual function and ED. As testosterone declines, your risk for erectile dysfunction increases. About 5% of men in their 40s struggle with ED, and the percentage grows to 15% by the time you reach your 70s.

There’s no reason, however, to simply accept ED as a natural result of aging. Low testosterone can be treated with therapies like hormone replacement or changes to lifestyle. Treating low testosterone can also help with hair loss, low sex drive, and weight gain.

ED treatments

Treating erectile dysfunction often starts with treatment of the underlying causes. As well as low testosterone, ED can be brought on by health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even gum disease. Clearing up or controlling these issues may be all you need to do. 

Oral medications taken before sexual activity can improve erectile function, and you have several product options to choose from. The P-Shot® takes an entirely different and natural approach, using regenerative medicine techniques to help you regain erectile function.

GAINSWave® is another groundbreaking treatment concept that uses extracorporeal shockwaves to stimulate new tissue growth and revascularization, improving blood flow to counteract conditions that contribute to ED. Other treatment approaches include penile injections, penile implants, and vascular reconstruction surgery.

You have options to break the connection between erectile dysfunction and aging. Which solution is best for you? Contact The Wellness Restoration Center by phone or online to schedule a consultation today.

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