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Adrenal Fatigue



Anxious, stressed out, easily frustrated and feeling tired all the time?



There is no question that the way we live has changed. We burn the candle at both ends to get to the middle.

We have to pump ourselves full of coffee or energy drinks to get through the day. Long restful sleep is a thing of the past. 

We juggle home and work as if we are under the big tent. Eventually this all catches up with us and our ADRENAL GLANDS our “flight or fight” mechanism is in constant, sustained “flight and fight” mode.

adrenal fatigue

It's called ADRENAL FATIGUE and this is produced when the system cannot meet the demands of the stress we are under, causing the adrenal glands to become exhausted and our bodies to just shut down. Every body system can be affected: Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, as well as Thyroid and Hormonal.

The hormones produced by the Adrenal Gland include DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Cortisol.

DHEA enhances brain function, muscle tone and libido.

Pregnenolone which is the building blocks of all the adrenal hormones, enhances memory

Cortisol, our naturally occurring stress hormone, is essential for good health. It is instrumental in the assimilation of all the other hormones into the cells of our bodies. It boosts the immune system and increases our resistance to infections. When the Adrenal Gland becomes exhausted, the natural cortisol levels decrease exponentially.



Common symptoms include:

  •  Fatigue
  •  Body aches
  •  Anxiety
  •  Hair loss
  •  Difficulty sleeping
  •  Weight gain
  •  Mood swings
  •  Depression


Causes of Adrenal Fatigue include but are not limited to:

  •  Hormonal dysfunction, including thyroid
  •  Unmanaged and prolonged stress levels
  •  Poor dietary habits and nutritional deficiencies
  •  Allergies


adrenal fatigue

Diagnosis is obtained by testing your Cortisol levels. This is better done by saliva than by blood testing as there is marked diurnal variation in the hormones excretion. Once determined, a customized treatment plan can be developed addressing all parameters: hormonal and nutritional as well as lifestyle.

In both men and women, BHRT can reverse the decline in health and can alleviate or eliminate these symptoms and restore youthful energy and vitality. Our goal in treating Adrenal Fatigue is to get you to a point where you really feel good again- to get you back to being YOU!


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