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The O-Shot® NYC


O shot

Rejuvenating Women’s Sexual Vitality

Numerous women state that benefits from the O-Shot ® started rather quickly, along with enhanced sensual arousal and much better orgasms in many cases considerably– in just days or usually within 3-6 weeks of the procedure.


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Exactly What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® is a natural, pain-free non-surgical treatment which could revitalize and rejuvenate vaginal and clitoral functionality, offering you a significantly enhanced level of sensitivity and substantially boost your sex life.

Many women leak urine when laughing, coughing, exercising or sneezing. This could be a humiliating and aggravating issue. The O-Shot® treatment provides revitalizing abilities and there is help now with out the requirement for intrusive surgery.


O Shot


Rejuvenating Women’s Sexual Vitality

Do you regularly wish your sex life were better? Have you at any time stressed over urinary incontinence? Have issues due to getting older, menopause, or giving birth caused an adjustment in sexual self-confidence? Dr. Marcia A. Harris provides a wide range of expertise in aesthetic gynecology and offers the O shot treatment for women, helping them to regain their sexual peace of mind using non-invasive Vaginal Restoration.


At no stage in life must a woman endure an unsatisfactory sex life as merely an unavoidable outcome of growing old. Research studies reveal that fifty percent of females will likely experience some form of sexual disorder throughout their life. In case you’re worried about any facet of your discomfort because of vaginal dryness, reduced sensitivity or ability to climax or various other issues- The O-Shot can certainly help.

How is the O-Shot ® Done?

Utilizing your own PRP, the O shot is used to stimulate repair of the tissue of the clitoris and the anterior vaginal wall. Your blood is processed, the cells are separated and the layer with the platelets and growth factors are extracted and put back into your tissue. There is no down time and very few possible side effects. There is also no possible adverse exposure because we are using your own blood!


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Can the O-Shot ® improve Incontinence?

O shot

The O Shot treatment for urinary incontinence and sensitivity is an innovative path to rejuvenating the sensations clients might have lost. Clients with light to moderate anxiety and urinary incontinence have considerable improvement. Lots of women have actually had the ability to stop taking medicine and avoid surgical treatment altogether.

The procedure is pain-free, takes less than 30 (thirty) Minutes and in many clients, the results are immediate!

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What is platelet-rich plasma?

Blood is made up of lots of elements: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Platelets have proteins named growth factors that promote healing by enlisting stem cells and various other healing factors to a specific location of the body. When platelets are amassed in this particular manner it’s regarded as platelet-rich plasma or PRP.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has lots of applications in medical treatment. It is frequently utilized in orthopedics for the regrowth and speedy restorative healing of joints and soft cells. It additionally has been put to use in ophthalmology, skin revitalization and hair reconstruction.

In the world of sexual well-being for women, PRP is utilized to revitalize and rejuvenate the clitoral and vaginal tissues; assisting with incontinence and orgasm.


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