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Vaginal Rejuvenation


vaginal rejuvenation

Worldwide, women want to reclaim their younger or “pre-baby” bodies. Restore their satisfaction. Revive their relationships. And we believe they deserve to do this!


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Are you ready?

vaginal rejuvenation

Childbirth and Aging can damage the vulvar and vaginal muscles and tissues. This can lead to diminished sensation during sexual activity, reduce satisfaction, urine problems and even strain the relationship between partners.

We can, however, help women to RECLAIM, RESTORE and REVIVE what was lost with a non-invasive procedure for your feminine wellness.

Thermiva treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue so that women can RECLAIM RESTORE and REVIVE skin, without discomfort or downtime. The Thermiva electrode is designed to treat the internal and external anatomical features of the vagina.

RECLAIM your younger body, youthfulness and well-being!

Do you feel “loose” vaginally? Since giving birth? After menopause?

Do you feel dry during intercourse?

Do you have trouble reaching orgasm?

Are you experiencing loss – of desire? – of interest in sex? – of self-confidence?

Is it getting harder for your underwear to stay dry?

Have your intimate relations suffered due to these changes?




Number of treatments in the series?

3 sessions

How long does each treatment take?

30 to 40 minutes

How much downtime?

No downtime!

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