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Sexual Health

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To revitalize your sexual health and improve your sexual satisfaction, The Wellness Restoration Center offers a variety of holistic and nonsurgical therapies at their Midtown East, Manhattan, New York City, office. Experienced sexual wellness specialist Marcia Harris, MD, LHD, focuses on your individual needs and provides innovative services like ThermiVa® vaginal revitalization treatments, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and regenerative therapies like O-Shot® and P-Shot® injections. It’s never too late to focus on your sexual health. Call The Wellness Restoration Center to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment online today.

Sexual Health Q&A

What sexual health services are available?

The Wellness Restoration Center offers a variety of advanced treatment options for sexual health issues that affect men and women.

Dr. Harris can diagnose and treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive that result from underlying health issues, aging, and your environment. In addition to diagnostic bloodwork, hormone evaluations, and physical exams, Dr. Harris also provides innovative therapies like:


O-Shot is a minimally invasive, injectable treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to repair damaged tissue in the clitoris and vaginal walls to improve sexual satisfaction.

This therapy can improve the quality and quantity of female orgasms and increase vaginal lubrication. O-Shot can also treat urinary incontinence and ease pain during sex.


P-Shot is an injectable treatment for men that uses PRP to stimulate new tissue growth in the penis. Injections improve blood circulation to enhance the quality of erections.

Acoustic Pulsewave Therapy

Acoustic pulse wave technology improves circulation in the penis by clearing obstructed blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penis to enhance erections. This noninvasive procedure offers long-lasting results with no side effects.

Vaginal revitalization

Vaginal revitalization using the ThermiVa® system firms and strengthens vaginal tissue to enhance sexual satisfaction, reduce urinary incontinence, and increase natural lubrication.

The Wellness Restoration Center also offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to rebalance hormones that play a role in sexual health and function in men and women. Dr. Harris also provides medically supervised weight loss programs to improve your overall physical health and sexual performance.

When should I consider a sexual health consultation?

You should consider a consultation with Dr. Harris to discuss your sexual health if you’re experiencing symptoms of a hormone imbalance, such as persistent fatigue, decreased sex drive, or difficulties concentrating.

Men who aren’t able to achieve or maintain an erection that’s firm enough for sex, and women who have pain during sex, vaginal dryness, and difficulty achieving satisfactory orgasms should also schedule a sexual health consultation.

What can I expect during a sexual health evaluation?

During your sexual health evaluation, Dr. Harris spends time reviewing your medical history and current health. You can also expect to discuss lifestyle factors that may interfere with your sexual health, such as work stress, relationships, and mental health issues.

Dr. Harris offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations to better understand the root cause of your sexual health issues. You may need bloodwork to identify underlying health conditions like diabetes that affect your sexual health and performance. Blood tests can also determine if you have a hormone imbalance.

Once she understands what factors are contributing to erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, and other sexual health issues, Dr. Harris discusses the available treatment options. She helps you make the most informed decision about your treatment and personalizes your care plan to your individual needs.

To learn more about your options for improving your sexual health, call The Wellness Restoration Center or book an appointment online today.