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Meet Our Staff

Meet our dedicated team of medical professionals committed to excellence in patient care.


Dr. Marcia A. Harris

MD, LHD (Hon.)

Dr. Marcia A Harris MD trained at the prestigious Weill- Cornell Medical Center, The New York Hospital, after completing medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Harris brings a wealth of clinical experience to the table.

Having practiced allopathic medicine for more than 20 years, the subsequent 17-plus years have been focused on modalities such as Wellness and Preventative medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for males and females. Dr. Harris primarily uses BHRT pellets which she introduced to the New York area more than 20 years ago.

Another area of focus for Dr. Harris is the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction with cutting-edge technology: “O” Shot and nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation for females with anorgasmia, atrophic vaginitis, vaginal laxity, and stress and urge incontinence for females. “P” Shot and Acoustic pressure wave technology are used for males suffering from erectile dysfunction and performance issues.

While hormones can play a large part in the above for both males and females, they might not be the entire picture. Anatomical contributing factors at times have to be addressed.

She also offers fat reduction through various techniques and penile enhancement with PRP, PRFM, Exosomes, and Fat transfer. Weight management/weight loss and Nutrition Counseling as well as thyroid and Adrenal issues round out her current offerings.

She is a certified and experienced Physician and prides herself on being able to take care of the “whole” patient and getting to the “root cause” of whatever the problem is. Dr. Harris is renowned for providing thorough medical care for the treatment of a host of conditions. She brings her wealth of experience as a renowned surgeon and clinician to the table and customizes her care to each individual patient.


Katie Ann Ganpa


A seasoned professional, Katie Ann Ganpat brings a wealth of experience to her patients as the Office/ Nursing Manager of The Wellness Restoration Center. She has over a decade in the field, attended Sanford Brown and Queensboro Community College and subsequently did the nursing program at York College. Katie Ann adeptly navigates the complexities of both clinical and administrative tasks with compassion and remarkable skill, competence and efficiency. Her dedication to her craft ensures that clients receive the highest quality of care. Her commitment to health is evident in her exemplary leadership and unwavering passion for helping others achieve optimal health.