Have you been searching for a P-Shot doctor in New York City? If you're looking for male enhancement options that offer more than just temporary fixes, the Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot, can help you reach your goals. At The Wellness Restoration Center, we offer a variety of popular treatments, including PRP therapy in New York City. Read below to learn more about adipose-derived stem cells for p-shot and how they can help restore vitality to your life. 

A Closer Look at How the P-Shot Works

The P-Shot utilizes platelet rich plasma therapy, a process that involves extracting a small sample of blood and processing it to concentrate the growth factors. This concentrated formula is then injected back into specific areas of the penis, stimulating cellular regeneration and blood flow. This method significantly improves blood circulation, which is necessary for achieving and maintaining erections. But when adipose-derived stem cells are added to the mix, the potential for tissue repair and regeneration skyrockets. Stem cells taken from an individual's own fat tissue are well-known for their remarkable ability to transform into a range of cell types. These cells can aid in the promotion of healing and the enhancement of platelet rich plasma therapy in New York City.


Preparing for PRP therapy in New York City

Preparation is key to ensuring the best outcomes. Initially, you'll have a detailed consultation with our experts, where your medical history, expectations, and any concerns are thoroughly discussed. Avoiding alcohol for a week before the procedure can improve overall results. We recommend refraining from certain medications and supplements that might increase bruising. Hydration is crucial, so drink a lot of water in the days leading up to your appointment. We will guide you through each step so that you're fully prepared and comfortable with the process.


Recovery and Expectations Post P-Shot

The beauty of the P-Shot, especially when enhanced with adipose-derived stem cells, is its minimal downtime and natural approach to enhancement. Most men can resume their daily activities almost immediately, with only minor swelling or bruising at the injection sites. To facilitate optimal healing, it's recommended to avoid strenuous or sexual activities for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Follow-up sessions are an important part of monitoring progress. Results can vary but generally improve over a few weeks as the stem cells and PRP work together to rejuvenate tissues. Increased erectile function, enhanced sensation, and even changes in size are among the reported benefits. Our team will support you through your recovery, offering advice and follow-up care to help ensure the best possible outcomes.

Need Help from a Qualified P-Shot Doctor in New York City, NY? 

At The Wellness Restoration Center, we're dedicated to your care and outcomes, so why look anywhere else? Take the first step towards transforming your life. Contact us today to explore how the P-Shot can redefine your approach to wellness and vitality. Our specialists can answer questions about adipose-derived stem cells for p-shot and can schedule a consultation for platelet rich plasma therapy in New York City.

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I’ve had a positive experience with the Wellness Restoration Center they are very patient ,caring and friendly and has help improve my health.

Seth Love

I was extremely happy coming here. The care and support they show are truly a blessing. I could not ask for anything more. More clinics should take notes on how to treat their patients like they did.

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Dr. Harris is truly a specialist in anti-aging and hormonal imbalances.Via the recommendation of a friend I went to see her.  She truly has helped me restore my sense of self.

Maureen T